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Read this First for Safety Precautions and Tips

  • •        Never leave a minor unattended with glow paint.
  • •        Always wear safety eye protection, if you get paint in your eyes flush
  •          with water immediately and seek  medical   attention.
  • •        Always wear protective clothing to avoid get paint on skin.
  • •        When using ladders do not leave upright and unattended.
  • •        Wear work shoes when climbing ladders.
  • •        Always maintain three point of contact while working from a ladder.
  • •        Cover valuables and furniture before painting.
  • •        Use a mild soap and water to clean up spills immediately.
  • •        If accidental ingestion of paint occurs seek medical attention immediately.
  • •        Keep area you are working free of objects that can trip you.
  • •        Close lids tightly on all containers of paint when finished.
  • •        Always be prepared with a plan in the event of a fall or slip from a ladder.
  • •        Always read the instructions first.

Think Safety
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We want you to get the most of the product and receive the best possible results.  So we will guide you through an overview of the
tools and materials you will need and be using.

•        You will need the following items:  
•        Stencils
•        Glow Paint
•        Stencil brush
•        Round tip paint brush or smaller
•        Safety glasses or goggles
•        Clean towel
•        Step ladder
•        Area drop cloth
•        Dark cloth to cover window or block light from entering room
•        Black light.
•        Stencil tape or tacks

About the Glow Paint

The glow paint in the kit is high quality non-toxic water based acrylic paint. It applies and cleans up easily with a mild soap and
water.  When painting ceilings or walls using the glow paint it will leave a slight discoloration.  It works best when painting onto a
white background.   When applying the glow paint to ceilings or walls that are darker or have a color the glow paint will be more
visible.  The glow paint is not completely invisible and is more visible on walls and ceilings that are not white.  Again the glow
paint does work best on white backgrounds and at close inspection it will leave a slight greenish hue, but for the most part it is

Always practice before proceeding!

You will want to test the color and see how visible it is before painting the entire room.  In a small corner or closet take a small
amount of paint and create a practice stencil so you can test how the paint will react and what it will look like against your
painted walls or ceilings.  Remember: the darker the background the more visible the glow paint will be in daylight.
The glow paint charges better and reacts better with white backgrounds.

Tips and Techniques

When using brushes on stencils, do not use a sweeping or side to side motion with the brush across the edges of the stencil holes
or lines or paint will collect and bleed under the edges of the stencil.  This will cause the lines and stars to blur. (Especially if the
stencil is not flush/flat against the surface)

Use paint as needed but do not get too much onto the stencil brush.  Glow Paint goes along way....

After you finished painting the stencil take your black light and briefly turn it on to make sure you did not miss any lines or circles.
(Painting the lines is optional)

Let the paint dry with stencil still attached for 10 minutes then carefully remove the stencil.

Shine the black light over the stencil painted surface and your image should be crisp with no bleeding or blurring.

If your image is blurry or fuzzy keep practicing until you get the hang of it before proceeding. If your image is sharp and your
comfortable with how the color shows on your wall or ceiling you can add a couple medium and small stars around it to get the
technique for making small and medium stars.  

You are now on your way in completing a Masterpiece!

More Painting Tips and Techniques

You do not need lots of paint to create stars. Just barely touching the paint brush to the surface will create a star.
Use a dabbing and tapping up and down motion with the stencil brush.
If you make a stray mark immediately wipe it off with a clean moist cloth.
When applying small stars it is imagine placing a period at end of a sentences.  The smaller the dot is the better and the different
sizes will give depth to the mural.
While painting make certain your stencils do not move or lift.
Try not rest your hand on the stencil when you painting stars or lines, this may cause the stencil to lift and shift.
Always start painting from the top and work down.  Thus way you will not bump and smug items below.
Do not complete the practice steps on regular paper it will bleed and the stars and lines will be fuzzy.

If you need to see where you have painted darken the room and shine your black light over the areas painted and illuminate the


The different sizes of the stars are what give depth and the illusion of night sky.  When creating your stars, refer to the page
referring to star sizes.

Always paint large stars that are in the stencils Use the small paint brush to create small and medium stars

Instructions and Illustrations

Step 1 Practice and Color Test

Begin by selecting one stencil to practice and conduct a test. Make certain the sticker with the stencil name is away from the wall
and facing you.
In a corner behind a door or inside a closet use a low adhesive stencil tape to securely attach the stencil to the surface.
Make certain the stencil is flat/flush against the surface and will not buckle or sag.  Wipe your hand from top to bottom and side to
side across the stencil to make certain it does not lift.  If it lifts re-adjust the stencil so it does not lift or buckle.
Next lay out a small towel or piece of cardboard to use as a mat to set the paint and brushes on.  
Remove the lid from the glow paint container and place it onto the mat with the inside of the lid facing upward.
Take the stencil brush and dip the tip it into the paint.  Dab off any excess onto the side of the paint jar or inside the lid.
With the stencil brush you will use a technique that is a dabbing or tapping motion with flat end of the brush over the circles and

Step 2 - Layout

Important - Before proceeding please make sure you have completed the practice and color test in Step 1.
If you are not comfortable with the techniques and how the glow paint appears on your test ceiling or wall after completing the
practice step do not proceed.  
You may contact us directly with any questions you may have @ 812-490-5024 and we will be happy to answer any questions.
Are You Ready?
Proceed with the Layout of your ceiling by arranging the stencils from the package you received and attaching them to the
surface area you selected.  You may arrange the stencils in any pattern you wish.  I have given three illustrations giving you an
idea based on the package you purchased.

If you desire to arrange the stencils with a specific date and time you may also go online and type into a search engine the words
"star  chart" where you can  download software that allows viewing of star charts.  In some instances these are free and some you
will need to purchase.
Instructions and Illustrations

Step - 3 Painting Star Patterns

After you have arranged all the stencils and attached them to the wall or ceiling.  Stand back and make sure they are evenly
distributed and positioned the way you like.
TIP - Start at the highest point and work left to right from top to bottom.  Be careful not to bump or smug previously painted
stencils as you are continuing to paint with the stencil brush start with the dabbing motion with the tip of the stencil brush over the
holes and lines.
Note:  You do not have to paint the lines the purposes of the lines are to give an outline for easy identification of the
Using the dabbing or tapping with tip of the paint brush paint all the holes and lines (lines are optional) of all the stencils.  
Complete each stencil before moving onto the next stencil.  Do Not Remove Stencil at this time.  You will receive instructions on
when to remove them from the surface.
Note: if a stencil has fallen down do not reattach until the paint is completely dry. Also do not place any medium stars around so
you do not accidentally place a medium star in the middle of your constellation. You can add stars in a later Step.

Step - 4 Making Medium Stars

Once all the holes and lines have been painted you will now make some medium stars using the small paint brush provided in the

Beginning at the first stencil start making medium stars around the stencils.  You will want to paint 2-3 medium stars at random
around each stencil.  
Go throughout the entire room and place medium stars around all the stencils.
Note: if a stencil has fallen down do not reattach it if the paint is not completely dry. Also do not accidentally place a medium
star in the middle of your constellation. You can add these stars in a later step.

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Step - 9 Star Gazing

Your room is charged and you’re ready to do some star gazing.
It is enchanting and relaxing!  
You now created your own priceless masterpiece.

Happy Star Gazing!

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